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Take on a role of a wealthy gladiator owner that is seeking revenge against Emperor Dammas, a man that killed his father and stole his youth.

Hire gladiators and train them so that you could advance further in the battle run. Choose your gladiators carefully, as there are many strategies and tactics you can use or combine to advance. Upgrading your city as well as your gladiatiors will unlock new possibilities and perspectives in the way you prepare for battle runs!

Take a closer look at our announcement trailer and get hyped for a new indie rougelite that will let you become a wealthy patron who leads fearless warriors!


What is Bloodgrounds?

It is an upcoming indie video game where players will immerse themselves in the thrilling world of roguelite arena combat and city management. At its core, the game revolves around strategic combat, town management, and character development. Engage in turn-based grid arena battles, commanding class-based Gladiator units whom you must train, purify, and even sacrifice for glory. Explore a variety of mechanics, including purchasing, upgrading, and equipping items, embarking on dynamic battle quests to fulfill Patrons' wishes and captivate the audience.

Delve into city management as you unlock, construct, and upgrade buildings to enhance your domain. Customize your battle arena to match your playstyle and the unique skills of your units, while also seeking divine blessings and utilizing Patron abilities for extra assistance. However, be prepared to employ a sabotage system, employing shady methods to weaken opponents and secure victory.

Amidst the triumphs and challenges, players will experience a spectrum of emotions, from the exultation of victory and adoration of the audience to the anguish of loss and the injustice of entertaining patrons. Prepare to embark on a journey where glory and grief intertwine, shaping the fate of your gladiators and the destiny of your city.

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Begin your training by learning the ropes!


Engage in thrilling turn-based strategic combat within dynamic 2D grid arenas. Maneuver your units strategically, carefully allocating action points to move and attack enemy fighters while utilizing their unique abilities and consumable items to gain the upper hand. Set traps to outwit your opponents and secure victory. Complete battle goals & quests assigned by Patrons before battles and respond to the desires of the audience throughout the skirmish. Their destiny is in your hands!

City Management

You are not only tasked with commanding gladiators in epic battles but also with the management and development of their own city. Each city presents distinct units, enemies, arenas, and items, adding depth and variety to gameplay. Initially, players will encounter buildings such as the Inn for hiring gladiators or the Market for purchasing items.

A wise man once said: "To be prepared is half the victory.", and it couldn't be more true in Bloodgrounds.

Mercy / Kill

One of Bloodground's distinctive mechanics lies in how players acquire additional fighters. When specific conditions are met, players are presented with a pivotal decision: to either spare or dispatch an enemy fighter. Opting for mercy results in the enemy being spared, subsequently joining our roster of playable units. This unique mechanic not only adds depth to player decision-making but also enriches the gameplay experience.

Curious about the roadmap for our project?

Dive into the heart of our journey by exploring the key dates and milestones laid out in our production timeline below. As you can see, we have already gone through several stages of development, and we are working hard to stay on course with the set roadmap. We will regularly update our roadmap as we progress through set milestones. Apart from here, you can get all the important updates on our social media profiles or our Discord server. Join us on this exhilarating ride as we navigate the twists and turns of our production journey, weaving together passion, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

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Delve deeper into the world of Sola by meeting the deities

Deity Argentis


The youngest of the Main Gods, Argentis is a God of Commerce. As the three siblings, Panacea, Eir, and Dismoira prospered, the life of Sola did as well. With the rise of civilization, as items and goods started changing hands, a new need emerged within the population - a need for commerce. To delegate this now ever-present part of existence, Synthra created Argentis. As his first act of divine intervention, Argentis created gold, which would soon be used as a counter value to all goods and services. Argentis is a patron God of merchants and bankers, but he has become increasingly disappointed and worried as recently people have grown to worship his creation more than him.

Deity Arx


God of Protection. As Vorigan was created and started gaining momentum amongst the people of Sola, Synthra the Over-Goddess married Vorigan to Panacea to restrain the God of Conflict. For a while their bond was strong and Sola prospered. Synthra knew the fickle nature of love and was getting worried their marriage could potentially end and Vorigan's wrath would be unleashed on her Creation. To prevent this, Synthra created Arx as the opposite of Vorigan. He is the strongest of the Gods and as such was entrusted with the protection of people and all Creation.

To everyone's surprise, Vorigan accepted his younger brother instantly and the two created a strong brotherly bond. Arx, however, is constantly aware of his brother's impulsiveness and often intervenes when Vorigan loses control. He is the patron God of soldiers, the sick, the wounded, and the birds.

Deity Dismoria


The Goddess of death, Dismoria is the youngest sibling of Panacea and Eir. Created by Synthra to control all life and keep the scales of Creation in balance, Dismoria carries the most difficult burden on her shoulders. To help her with this task, Synthra detached Dismoria from her Creation and humanity but consequently brought discord between the three siblings. Dismoria is very indifferent towards life and as such is in constant odds with Panacea and Eir. She is worshiped by killers and assassins, but Dismoira cares little about devotion and chooses rather watch over the grieving and bereaved - the ones she touched directly.

Deity Eir


God of Nature, Eir, was created by Synthra to cultivate the soil of Sola and create a fertile ground for life to grow and prosper. Eir is carefree, often depicted by lying around on haystacks during harvest. He commands the morning sun, controls the weather, and is considered a patron God of farmers, field workers, and animals. He carries around a pet on his shoulder - An immortal small field mouse named Brakhi.

He is a brother to Panacea and Dismoria.

Deity Panacea


Oldest of the Main Gods, Panacea is the Goddess of Life, created to watch over all Creation. Kind and nurturing Panacea loves all life and everything living. She especially enjoys festivities and music and would often disguise herself and attend festivals in her name in the early spring. She adores children and as such is considered their patron protector.

She is a sister to Eir and Dismoria and a former wife of Vorigan.

Deity Synthra


Synthra is the oldest and most revered God in Sola. She is also known as the “Creator of Gods”. According to myths and stories, Synthra is a humble Goddess and doesn't seek worship nor require followers. As such people of Sola don't usually pray to Synthra directly or raise places of worship in her name, rather, devotion to Synthra is shown through the worship of other Gods of Sola. Because of this Synthra is usually considered a patron of mothers.

Synthra wields Four Paths, also known as Wheels of Creation. Through these paths, she can create and sustain life on a cosmic scale.

Deity Vorigan


A God of conflict came into existence by chance as Synthra never intended for conflict. However, inevitable happened, and as the first dispute was settled violently Vorigan was created. Proud of his achievement by practically creating himself, Vorigan started to entice violence among the people of Sola.

Synthra recognized the danger Vorigan could become, so to suppress his aggression and prevent the destruction of life through the means of war, Synthra introduced Vorigan to Panacea. Newly born God fell head over heels in love with the Goddess of Life and the two got joined into a celestial union, their bond benefiting Creation and all existence. For a while everything was good, but their marriage was ultimately broken. Vorigan, still madly in love with Panacea, now throws occasional tantrums when his advances to win her back fail - evident by wars and mayhem.

He is the patron God of lovers, warriors, and beasts.

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Whether you're a seasoned gamer with a treasure trove of insights or a fresh-faced enthusiast bursting with ideas, we welcome you to join our elite playtesting team. Your feedback will shape the Bloodgrounds experience, and we would be incredibly grateful for your contribution. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our Discord community, introduce yourself to fellow gamers and our passionate team members, and let your voice be heard. Don't forget to follow us on social media to stay updated and help our project flourish.

Your journey into the Bloodgrounds awaits, Patron.

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